Agudas Yisroel’s Daf Yomi Commission takes this opportunity to wish lomdei Daf Yomi from across the globe a hearty mazel tov upon the completion of Maseches Eruvin! For those not yet learning the Daf, now is the time to join!


Maseches Pesachim which delves into many sugyos – including hilchos leil haseder, bedikas chometz, hagalas keilim, and dinei kiddush v’havdalah – begins this coming Monday, November 23, 7 Kislev, and ends on Monday March 22, 9 Nissan – just 5 days before Pesach.


Master Maseches Pesachim with Daf Yomi, and you will be able to make your siyum this year on Erev Pesach!


Would you like a poster for your shul Daf Yomi group, inviting people to join? Click here or email