Curfew in NYC

Due to the current pockets of unrest, New York City has imposed a curfew from 8 pm to 5 am through Sunday June 7. We have received many inquiries as to how that effects Maariv minyanim, early Shacharis, and mikvah attendance.

Agudath Israel reached out to Captain Richard Taylor of the NYPD Community Affairs Bureau who has informed us that religious services are considered essential and are not in violation of the curfew. This directive will be passed down to relevant precinct commanders in the city who will transmit it to officers on the ground. If someone happens to be stopped by a police officer, they can inform them they are on the way to or on the way back for a religious purpose.

Should one encounter any problems, they should email me at as I am in direct contact with the Police Department.

Please be mindful of your safety and realities on the ground if you have need to go out for religious services during curfew.

Day Camps to ReOpen

Yesterday Governor Cuomo announced that day camps throughout the state will be allowed to open this summer beginning June 29th. No decision has been made yet on sleepaway camps but Agudath Israel, along with the Association of Jewish Camp Operators (AJCO) and Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein, has been working diligently with the governors senior staff on getting overnight camps open as well. We hope to have positive news soon.

New York Reopen Continues

This week both Western New York and the Capital Region have entered Phase Two of reopening. New York City is on track to begin Phase One next Monday, June 8th. While the governor and mayor are continuing with the phased approach to reopening, many other public officials, particularly those representing orthodox communities have been pushing for a more immediate re-opening. Please click here to see a letter penned to Governor Cuomo by Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein and Councilman Kalman Yeger imploring the governor to fully reopen New York.

DMV offices

Beginning this week, state-run DMV offices in the counties of Albany, Onondaga, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, and the five boroughs of New York City will begin to process registrations and other transactions by mail, and beginning June 4, will accept transactions through secure drop boxes located at each office. County Clerks that operate DMV offices in the remaining 51 counties of the State are advised to follow the State DMV’s timeline and guidance for reopening.

For more information about services offered at county-operated offices please click here. Many other transactions are available online.

As regions enter phase 3 of reopening, DMV will offer limited in-person transactions in state-run DMV offices by reservation only, prioritizing critical services, and will resume all other road tests at that time. Until then, there will be no in-person transactions in any DMV office and reservations will only become available as regions enter phase 3.

Dental Offices to Reopen

This week, Governor Cuomo announced that New York dentists can reopen statewide with offices subject to state guidance on best practices for safety and social distancing.

Update on COMPASS Shidduch Network

Throughout COVID-19, Compass Shidduch Network has been helping set up locations across the country where couples can date in accordance with social distancing and safety guidelines. Over the last months the demand for new dating locations in cities across the country has grown.

If you are able to host a location or would like to inquire as to what hosting entails, please contact Esty at or call 347-831-7822.