Pirchei Programs
The international Branch Network of Pirchei Agudas Yisroel of America is hard at work, ensuring our elementary age school boys are busy growing during this topsy-turvy period. See below for the list of the different Pirchei programs taking place at this time.

The Pirchei Hotline: This amazing hotline is available 24/6 with excellent torahdika programming including stories, contests, live shows and more. Call 718-663-0212 to unlock this amazing world.

Ten minutes of Tehillim: There is a worldwide אמירת תהילים for kids of all ages at 7:00 pm each evening in their local time zone. One may say any perakim of Tehillim they wish or call the hotline, 718-663-0212, at 7:00 pm EDT to follow live. Afterwards, your boys can call the hotline and choose option #9 to leave their name and phone number to enter into the daily raffle.


Pirchei Hasmadah Program: This semi-annual program generates thousands of hours of learning by the boys learning on their yom tov vacation. Your boys can participate by sending in this form to paihasmodo@agudah.org by no later than October 19th. Please note that this program is intended for boys in 4th grade and up.
For more information about these programs, email pirchei@agudathisrael.org or call 212.797.9000 extension 274.