What can you do in an hour?
Take a walk. Catch a nap. Read a book.
OR make a difference in a younger girl’s life.
Bnos One on One is an incredible program from Bnos Agudas Yisroel that pairs high school Big Sisters with middle school Little Sisters. Big Sisters meet with their 6th, 7th, or 8th grade Little Sisters once a week to connect and have fun.
The Sisters bake, play games, or just schmooze together. The power of the program comes from giving Little Sisters one-on-one time with an older girl. Every middle school girl loves extra attention! It’s so simple, but the impact is huge.
“The ability to make a difference just from one hour is indescribable,” says Mrs. Chana Baila Hass, National Director of Bnos Agudath Israel. “Small actions make a huge difference.”
In fact, “Making a Difference” is the theme for Bnos One on One’s school year kick-off. On Thursday, August 28, Bnos One on One hosted a virtual event for high school girls titled “Let’s Make A Difference this Chodesh Elul.”
The event featured inspiring speaker Mrs. Elana Farbstein, who shared her story and each individual’s power to be a giver. It also featured personal videos from last year’s Big and Little Sisters. Over 500 girls attended, and nearly 100 were inspired to sign-up as a Bnos One on One Big Sister.
Bnos will train those Big Sisters, so they’re fully prepared to connect with their Little Sisters. Mrs. Hass emphasizes that there’s no one “type” for Big or Little Sisters. Big Sisters share a desire to step out of their comfort zones and be a “mashpiah.” Little Sisters share an excitement to spend time with an older girl. But both Big and Little Sisters come from all different schools and neighborhoods.
New and exciting for this year is Bnos One on One Skills Training. On their application, Big Sisters will fill in a skill they can teach from baking to sewing to hairdressing. On their end, Little Sisters will let us know what skills they’d like to learn. Bnos will take those skills into account when pairing up the girls.
A few times over the year, Bnos One on One will also host Big Sister-Little Sister (virtual!) parties. They are a highlight of the season.
100 Big Sisters may sound like a lot, but hundreds more Little Sisters are waiting for a match! Do you or someone you know want to make a difference this year?
All it takes is one hour a week to change a Little Sister’s life-just by spending quality time with her. Reach out to Mrs. Chana Baila Hass at cbhass@agudah.org or call 212-797-9000 ext. 330.