Special update regarding primary elections and absentee ballots:


Please be advised that Tuesday June 23rd is Primary Day across New York State. There will be primaries for Congressional, State Senate and Assembly seats as well as delegates to the presidential nominating conventions. Early voting period is from June 13th to June 21st.
This year there will be a major change in how New Yorkers vote. Under an executive order, to help prevent the community spread of COVID-19, all registered, eligible voters may apply to vote by Absentee Ballot for the June 23, 2020 elections. Voters affected by COVID-19, including the risk of contracting the virus, should check the box “Temporary Illness” as the reason for requesting an Absentee Ballot. The definition has been temporarily expanded to include those affected by COVID-19 and/or the potential of contracting the virus.
All registered voters should have received an absentee ballot application in the mail. It is important to mail it back in the envelope provided as soon as possible. New York City residents can also email the application to AbsenteeJune2020@boe.nyc or fax it to 212-487-5349.


If you did not receive an application, New York City residents may apply by clicking here. For those out of New York City, please click here to find your local county Board of Elections and receive an application.