With so many people in our lives putting in extra effort- think teachers, parents, friends, or neighbors- the time seemed right for a Bnos Agudas Yisroel program that focused on hakaras hatov, gratitude.


But how? Mrs. Chana Baila Hass, National Director of Bnos Agudath Israel, was looking for a structure to inspire girls to give thanks.


And then she got a call from the Modeh Ani Movement.


The Modeh Ani Movement was just started in Cleveland. It combats the negativity in the world by encouraging girls to start each day on a positive note. Saying Modeh Ani begins the day with an “attitude of gratitude” to Hashem for all that He does.


Mrs. Hass immediately realized the concept could be extended to the people in our lives, too. “Modeh Ani” means “I thank.” Girls could bring a Modeh Ani attitude into all their daily interactions. They could experience Modeh Ani Moments throughout the day, thanking the people who help them in hundreds of ways. It would create a domino effect of positivity and good feelings.


And so Bnos is launching an exciting new hakaras hatov program together with the Modeh Ani Movement.


Here’s how it works: Send your name, city, state to, or call 641.715.3800, access code 193944#. You’ll receive an email packet with instructions, including a chart to fill in when you say Modeh Ani each day. Send the chart back when completed, and you could win an exciting raffle, or be picked for a Modeh Ani Champ interview, or be featured in the Modeh Ani Champ weekly newsletter

But that’s not all!


Once or twice a month, the Modeh Ani Movement hotline will feature a hakaras hatov challenge to encourage girls to find their Modeh Ani Moments throughout the day. You can complete those challenges for more chances to win prizes or be featured in the newsletter.


To join, call 641.715.3800, access code 193944#, or email For questions, comments, or more info, email And don’t forget to say thank you!