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Please note: this event took place the week of Parshas Trumah, February 29.
While we generally send out news asap, this was “held up” due to the Corona Virus and the need to focus on its impact.
The close contact and hand-holding during dancing was not yet restricted, but it is a serious issue now.
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The Pirchei Agudas Yisroel Midwest Regional Siyum Mishnayos took place Shabbos Parshas Teruma in Detroit, MI at the Yeshiva Gedolah Ateres Mordechai. The event ran from Thursday evening to Sunday morning. Five hundred boys from 16 cities across the country attended and spent a weekend inspired by Roshei Yeshiva, Rabbonim and Mechanchim of the Detroit community.
Speakers included: Rabbi Yehuda Bakst, Rosh Hayeshiva Ateres Mordechai, Rabbi Meir Simcha Bakst, Rosh Yeshiva Ateres Mordechai, Rabbi Asher Eisenberger, Rav Agudas Yisroel Magen Avrohom, Rabbi Yisroel Menachem Levin, Rav Beth Tefillah Emanuel Tikvah, Rabbi Avrohom Bleich, Rav Bnei Israel, Rabbi Eli Gordon, Rebbi in Rabbi Labish Becker, Executive Director of Agudath Israel of America, Rabbi Ephraim Levi, National Director Pirchei Agudas Yisroel of America, and Rabbi Mordechai Katz, Director Pirchei Agudas Yisroel of Detroit. The weekend was coordinated by Rabbi Katz assisted by Rabbi Meir Kranczer, Kerry Silver, Ari Gelberman, Sender Freidman, Leiby Jaffe and Joseph Bein.
The highlight of the event was the dancing and kumzitz following the Melave Malka. Beginning Friday afternoon and ending with the Grand Melave Malka, attendees were treated to nonstop programming including a kumzitz, a trip to Joe Dumars field house, guest story teller Rabbi Binyomin Wiellgus a Friday night Oneg Shabbos, Shabbos groups, Shalosh Seudos and a gala Melave Malka at the Southfield Pavillion. A Hasmodo contest ran throughout Shabbos with Pirchim spending every available minute and waking up early to earn extra learning time points.
“The impact of this kind of Shabbos leaves an indelible impact,” said Rabbi Levi. “The inspiration that the boys received will remain with them throughout their lives.”