Pirchei Agudas Yisroel’s Yeshivas Chol Hamoed program continued this Pesach with much success. Whether or not in person, programming was available, as Pirchei made sure that there would be a way for talmidim to have set a time for learning, being able to start the days of Chol Hamoed on the ruchniyus side.

Pirchei Agudas Yisroel of New York coordinated nine locations for their ever-growing Yeshivas Chol Hamoed program. Every day of Chol Hamoed saw nine batei medrashim filled with boys and their fathers setting aside one hour of their day for limud hatorah. On the final day of Chol Hamoed, participants from the various locations were invited to join a special Amazing Torah Show given by Rabbi Maimon Elbaz at Yeshiva Torah Vodaas.

Pirchei Agudas Yisroel of Montreal coordinated a Chol Hamoed learning program which featured special guest storytellers each day including the Menahel of Yeshiva Gedola of Montreal, Rabbi Mendel Karmel.

Although not all locations are yet able to host in-person learning, Pirchei’s national office ran its popular biannual Hasmodo program providing incentive for extra learning over the Yom Tov vacation. Talmidim from Yeshivos across the country participated by learning at home and adding up their hours and submitting them to the Pirchei offices for prizes.