We are living through unique times. Our daily life has slowly been redefined. Perhaps the most difficult hurdle of this time has been keeping our children busy. Our days are filled with providing our tinokos shel beis rabban with a meaningful schedule that is appropriate for their neshamah. Agudath Israel of America is ensuring that, in addition to the programs their yeshivos are providing, that there are fulfilling programs for our boys.

The international Branch Network of Pirchei Agudas Yisroel of America is providing a plethora of stay-at-home programs available for elementary aged yeshiva boys during this eis tzarah. Please see below for a list of all the different Pirchei programs that are going on at this time.

The Pirchei Hotline: This amazing hotline is available 24/6 with excellent torahdika programming including stories, contests, live shows and more. Call 718-663-0212 to unlock this amazing world.

Ten minutes of Tehillim: There is a worldwide אמירת תהילים for kids of all ages at 6:00 pm each evening in their local time zone. One may say any perakim of Tehillim they wish or call the hotline, 718-663-0212, at 6:30 pm EDT to follow live. Afterwards, your boys can call the hotline and choose option #9 to leave their name and phone number to enter into the daily raffle.

Pirchei Weekly: The widely popular Pirchei Weekly publication continues uninterrupted. To receive this publication, email thepircheinewsletter@gmail.com.

Pirchei Pages: A booklet featuring stories and divrei torah on the weekly Parsha ensuring that pirchim can still be occupied with Torah especially on the long Shabbos afternoons. To receive this booklet, contact your local Pirchei Director or email KatzDovidA@gmail.com. We also share these last two publications each Friday in the News from Agudah emails. You can subscribe to those emails by emailing reception@agudah.org.


The following programs have since ended:

Pirchei Live: Every Sunday at 5:00 pm EDT there will be a weekly story, as well as special interviews with Pirchei directors across the country and live Tehillim. The number to call is 425-436-6277 access code: 533200#. All shows will be recorded and uploaded to the Pirchei hotline afterwards.

Night Seder America: Pirchei partnered with Rabbi Ari Schonfeld’s wonderful nightly program for junior high talmidim. The nightly hour-long conference has an engaging gemara shiur, special guest speakers, contests, prizes, and more. The shiur is Sunday through Thursday from 8:00-8:45 pm EDT. The call in and Zoom information is as follows. ZOOM MEETING IDs: 8970634419 or 71913589090 (Password for both is 5780). CALL IN OPTION: 929-436-2866 (followed by first meeting ID) or 929-205-6099 (followed by second meeting ID). For more information contact nightsederamerica@gmail.com.

MishnaBoyz: This conference is on Monday through Thursday nights from 7:00-8:00 pm EDT. It focuses on younger Mishnayos-age boys. Arranged by Rabbi Daniel Waldman of Pirchei of Far Rockaway, the program features a Mishnayos shiur plus contests and raffles. Sunday Nights are called Learn-and-Live with presentations about different hands-on topics of Jewish life. The Zoom and call in information is as follows. Zoom meeting ID: 442-229-4679, password: 613. Call in number: 646-558-8656, ID and password is same as before. For more information call 917-202-4056 or email learnandlivefr@gmail.com

Daily Dose of Pirchei: An email message goes out daily with a short dvar torah and/or story. To receive these messages email kalmanmanuel@gmail.com or WhatsApp 514-991-9369. You can also log onto pircheimontreal.com to view these messages plus beautiful biographical gedolim videos free of charge.

Daily Dose of Pirkei Avos: Every Sunday-Thursday at 5:30 pm EDT there is a 20-minute lesson in Pirkei Avos. On Fridays at 2:30 pm EDT there is a special oneg Shabbos. Just call 978-990-5000, access code: 161062.

We hope this difficult chapter will pass swiftly and with ease. In the meantime, the Agudah is helping with programs that keep your child engaged and learning. For general questions and guidance about Pirchei contact pirchei@agudah.org, and to sign up to Agudah’s regular news emails, email us at reception@agudah.org.