Project LEARN to Host Parent-Friendly Workshops

For Special Education Services for Mainstream Nonpublic School Students —

Are you concerned about your child’s progress (or lack thereof)? Is your child languishing in a mainstream yeshiva?

Agudath Israel’s Project LEARN will host two workshops (one in Brooklyn and one in Queens) explaining the process of applying for and receiving Special Education services from the New York City Department of Education to equip your children in mainstream yeshivos with the skills they need to succeed.

These workshops are designed to introduce the process, from applying for services, to the evaluation by the Department of Education, and through the receipt of the actual services. They are part of a larger series run by the Committee on Special Education (CSE) at the request and initiative of Project LEARN.

Presenters will include Claire Donnellan, Deputy Executive Director of the Committees on Special Education (CSEs);  Jennifer Lozano, CSE Chairperson; and Lynette Aqueron, Senior School Improvement Specialist for Special Education.

Mrs. Leah Steinberg, Director of Project LEARN, said, “We are working closely with the CSE to create a friendly forum with an open, warm atmosphere for all interested parties. Parents whose children are not succeeding educationally and are not yet in the system are invited to learn about the process, directly from members of the CSE. Those already accessing services will surely discover something new and useful as well. Educators, on the front lines when problems are identified, are also invited to acquaint themselves with the process. The end goal is to help all involved to understand the steps necessary to access the assistance available through the Department of Education.”

The February workshops, which focus on the process for all students ages 3-21, preschool through school age, will take place:
February 2nd
10 am to 12 pm
Prospect Park Yeshiva for Girls
1784 E. 17th Street
Brooklyn, NY
February 3rd
10 am to 12 pm
Bais Yaakov Academy for Girls
124-50 Metropolitan Avenue
Kew Gardens, NY

Please RSVP to Mrs. Steinberg at and highlight the specific meeting date.