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THE AGUDAH’S PROJECT LEARN, (founded in 2001) is an invaluable resource for families with children that have special educational needs. Dedicated Project LEARN staff guide parents of children who need to attend Jewish special education schools to obtain tuition reimbursement. They also assist parents through the complicated IEP (Individual Education Plan) process, enabling the children receive a full range of supportive services in the mainstream Yeshivos in which they are most comfortable.

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They also advocate vigorously on the city and state level to create an environment which is conducive to accessing the funds needed. Project LEARN is the go-to address for thousands of families with children that have special education needs, when there is difficulty or conflict between them and the government regulated services that they so desperately need and deserve.

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Close to Students attend special ed schools due to Agudah’s efforts
Over students, received supportive services in their mainstream Yeshivos
Over Calls annually from parents, guiding them on obtaining special ed supportive services

“Having a child with special needs is a tremendous challenge but knowing that there are people & an organization that is fighting for you and fighting for your child, is a tremendous source of chizuk to us. It really makes us feel like we’re not dealing with this on our own, but our challenge is the community’s challenge and we’re in this together.”

Aryeh Weiss

Parent of special needs child, Brooklyn NY

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