pcs-and-cope-emailMrs. H was suddenly thrust into the role of provider for her family, after her husband had a heart attack.  Entering the workforce can be a daunting task for anyone. It is especially difficult for a more mature woman, with limited skills and career background.

After she completed the Junior Accounting program, Cope placed Mrs. H in a well-paying job as bookkeeper/ computer programmer.

Mrs. H wrote to her thanks to Cope’s placement coordinator:

“I cannot possibly pay back a fraction of the care and attention I received from you and always seem to come back for more with an outstretched arm.”

The Agudah’s employment and training divisions, PCS and COPE, were founded to help members of the community find a respectable parnassa, enabling them to support their families and be productive members of the community. Together, they sponsor a comprehensive array of employment services including vocational guides, literacy education, classroom training and networking in a culturally sensitive environment. Major areas of training include accounting, and related fields culminating in a Bachelor of Science degree, enabling students to sit for the CPA exams. Direct job placement is also provided along with career counseling and preparation for employment.

18,226 individuals counseled

5,856 students

5,195 helped with direct job placement