Finish Shas Each Day! And Mishnayos, Tehillim and Tanach!


It’s hard to imagine finishing Shas, Mishnayos, Tehillim, and Tanach every single day! But, as we each sit, maintaining social distancing, we can join with the Klal to do just that, k’ish echad, b’lev echad.

Every single action that we take has an incredible impact. So, to every single person in Klal Yisroel – men, women, boys, and girls – we say, “You’re invited!” Each one of you has the power to make a difference! Let us join together to accomplish the unimaginable!

Reserve one amud of gemara, one perek of mishnayos, a perek in Tanach or a day of Tehillim – learn it every single day until Pesach.

Together we will finish Kol HaTorah every day!

Grab your slot now by clicking here for Shas, Mishnayos here, Tanach here, and Tehillim here.

And please, invite your friends – together we can make a difference!