convention-2016-womenAs part of the more than 45 interactive, inspiring and informative sessions at this year’s Agudah Convention we have an expanded women’s track.

Spend time in discussion with Gedolei Yisrael, Rabbanim and professionals.

Be uplifted by a ruach filled Shabbos and Melava Malka with Rabbi Baruch Levine and Simcha Leiner.


There are moments in our lives when we have occasion to smile and say “That’s who we are.” These moments can happen on the side of the road, in a grocery store, or in a classroom, at the height of a simcha, or at the bleakest of times.

Regardless of when or where, the “who” is the same: Klal Yisrael.

Join us as we celebrate Who We Are!

For reservations or general information about The Agudah Convention visit email: or call the convention office at 212.797.7380