Agudath Israel of America notes with appreciation that in his State of the Union address President Trump pointed to the anti-Semitic dangers the Jewish people have faced and the reality that even today our people live under a shadow that threatens our security and well-being.

The President spoke of the horrors of the Holocaust death camps and their liberation by American troops. He also spoke of the genocidal intent of Iran’s leaders against the State of Israel and America’s commitment to not let those evil designs be realized. And, he commemorated the recent horrific anti-Semitic murder and mayhem in Pittsburgh and the heroism of the city’s first responders.

In each of these instances of anti-Semitism — the more distant and the more recent, at home and abroad — the President not only pointed to the horror of hatred but he also highlighted our nation’s resolve to fight against it.

In this way, the President used this important pulpit to convey a clear and meaningful message to our nation, and to the nations of the world, that anti-Semitic hatred and violence is antithetical to American ideals and must be – indeed, will be — aggressively fought in thought, speech, and deed.