Every Jew who values Torah and Torah-leaders is appalled and anguished at the spectacle of boorish derision of einei ha’eidah in the public sphere.

Torah leaders regularly discuss important issues among themselves, and, no less than Gedolei Yisroel from the times of the Tannaim until the present, propose, discuss and deliberate their sometimes different views on many matters of concern. Even when they disagree, they do so in a spirit of mutual respect and love – es vahev b’sufah. [See Kiddushin 30b]

Presenting – or misrepresenting – the respective views of different Rabbonim or Roshei Yeshiva on important topics, in order to attract attention, gain views or stir uncomprehending people to further disrespect the luminaries of our generation, violates not only our obligation to be mechabed our Gedolim, but their privacy and trust as well. To add unsavory spice to such presentations with words of loshon hora and rechilus about Gedolei Yisroel is nothing short of reprehensible.

Gedolei Yisroel are to be revered, not reviled. And not debated about like sports teams.

The contemporary cultural, media and political spheres have become more degraded than ever, and are rife with falsehood, invective, insult and irresponsibility. What passes in the world today for “reportage” and “discourse” is diametric to ideals the Torah prescribes, ideals we have upheld since Sinai. The abandonment of those ideals within our own circles in favor of the corrupted attitudes and methods that surround us should pain us all deeply.

May we soon see the day when all Yidden stand up proudly for all the principles of our Torah, including the honor and respect we owe to our Gedolim.