Please be advised that a number of fake legislative memos have been sent out in the name of Agudath Israel, some even on what appears to be its letterhead.

Some of these fraudulent documents have been sent to the media, others to legislators, and still others have been posted in public areas.

These memos are COMPLETE FORGERIES and Agudath Israel disavows any association with them. Any authentic public communication sent from Agudath Israel will always have the name and contact of a staff member for easy authentication. They will also be posted on our website,, and on Twitter @AgudahNews.

Should there be a question about authenticity of a document or statement that purports to come from Agudath Israel, please, as always, contact Agudah’s Media Affairs Department for verification.

Any misuse of the Agudah name is illegal, and, of course, contrary to Halacha.