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The Agudah’s camping network encompasses more than 15 camps on the East Coast, Midwest, and Canada, serving more than 7,000 campers. The camps provide them with an incredible summer that makes a lifelong impact. Camp programming includes a healthy mix of ruchniyus and summer relaxation, exercise, and entertainment. The camps create a sense of excitement and pride in being a Torah Jew, as well as giving the campers the relaxation needed to prepare them for the school year to come.

One of the most unique aspects of the Agudah camping network is the scholarships they provide to enable as many Jewish children as possible to have an opportunity for this inspirational and life altering summer. The camping network includes: Camp Agudah, Machane Ephraim, Camp Bnos, Bnoseinu, and Camp Chayl Miriam Camp Agudah of Toronto in Canada, and Camp Agudah Midwest, Maarava, Nageela, and SPARK Midwest.

Number of children served each summer
in annual camp scholarships

“I believe in my heart that Camp Agudah was a training ground for many great leaders of Klal Yisroel.”

Rabbi Paysach Krohn

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