The Missouri Senate will soon vote on legislation that includes education scholarship accounts that will allow parents to control the education funds earmarked for their children. The program will be open to students eligible to attend kindergarten and those attending school in Missouri for the first time, as well as children of active-duty military members and public school students struggling in their current educational setting.

Known as the “Missouri Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program,” the legislation provides tax credits for taxpayers who make contributions to educational scholarship organizations. These nonprofit organizations then offer scholarships to students for educational expenses including private school tuition. The total cumulative tax credits available statewide would be $100 million per year for the first year and would make over 15,000 scholarships available when it is fully funded.

Many of us have experienced the benefits of private education, but not every family can afford it. Agudath Israel encourages you to contact your state Senator and request that they support the Missouri Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program.

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Daven that legislators pass legislation that can assist parents to afford the educational environment of their choice.



Rabbi Shlomo Soroka
Director of Government Affairs
Agudath Israel of Illinois