“Who the next mayor is and what they believe in, is very important to our community. It is important to us that our community votes in an informed fashion and knows where the candidates stand on different issues,” explained Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel, Executive Vice President of Agudath Israel of America, in his introductory remarks at a virtual town hall hosted by the Agudah Voting Project with New York City Mayoral Candidate Maya Wiley, on Tuesday, February 23.

Ms. Wiley opened by speaking about her platform and love for New York City and its diversity and then took questions about how she would deal with issues facing New York City, such as the economy, COVID vaccine rollout, religious liberties, criminal justice and policing, yeshiva education, and anti-Semitism. Ms. Wiley said that having the government working together with the community it governs, is an area that is of great importance to her. Rabbi Yeruchim Silber, Director of New York Government Relations of Agudath Israel of America, concluded by thanking Ms. Wiley for sharing her vision for the city as she embarks on her campaign for the mayoralty.

This town hall was part of a series of town halls with prominent elected officials and candidates for office hosted by the Agudah Voting Project to educate voters, in its efforts to increase voter registration and turnout.
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