The Bluzhever Rebbe Zt”l, A Biographical Appreciation, Rabbi Shimon Finkelman

Popularizing The Talmud, An Analytical Study Of The Steinsaltz Approach To Talmud, Rabbi Joseph Elias

The Human Rights Bill In Israel, Ezriel Toshavi

Funding Torah Education: Anatomy Of A Crisis, Avi Moses


The Essential Torah Teminah/Studies In The Weekly Parshah/Torat Moshe/Ibn Ezra On Hoshea/The Family Chumash/The Ways of Reason/A Letter For The Ages/Gesher Hachaim/Reb Chaim’s Discourses/Tractate Kiddushin, According To The Meiri                                                                                 -Also: Additional Volumes in Existing Series

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