Shinui: A New Yet Familiar Face, Rabbi Avi Shafran

State Policing of Kashrus: Necessary Protection or a Gratuitous Involvement?, Menachem Lubinsky

Korban Pesach: A Mitzva Not to Pass Over, Rabbi Yosef Levinson

Sefiras Ha’Omer and Survival in Galus, Rabbi Nochum Brown

Think, Ask, Internalize, Rabbi Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer

“Light of the Eyes”: Speaking Texts for the Visually Impaired, Avrohom Birnbaum

Angelic Reflections: Remembering Rabbi Gavriel Ginsberg Zt’l. Rabbi Aryeh Z Ginzberg

The Cousins Connection, Hindy Ehrlich Kviat


Through the Flames of Aleppo, by A. Shalom, reviewed by Lisa M. Herman

Trials and Triumphs, Timeless Stories of Hope and Inspiration, by Sarah Shapiro, reviewed by Libby Lazewnick

Letters to the Editor

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