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Yeshivos in the past several decades have produced hundreds of B’nei Torah-young men well-grounded in traditional Jewish scholarship, and uniquely equipped to reach out to the masses of uncommitted American Jews. Rabbi Chaim D. Keller, himself a product of American yeshivas, asks the question: IS THE BEN TORAH MEETING HIS OBLIGATION TO THE AMERICAN JEWISH SOCIETY?

The concept of America as a melting-pot, where people of varying national and religious origins are relieved of their differences, has been a destructive force in Jewish life. In AMERICA’S ORTHODOX MELTING-POT, a frequent contributor to our pages, Rabbi Bernard Weinberger, finds some positive results which have emerged from the mixture of Jewish types.

What happens to a young man, brought up to be an observing Jew, when he enters the armed forces? Who looks after his needs and lends a helping hand in a situation where his Yiddishkeit is at stake? Rabbi Harvey B. Spring raises these, and other questions, in THE PROBLEMS OF THE ORTHODOX JEW IN THE SERVICE OF HIS COUNTRY.

Most Jews concerned with the critical problems faced by yeshivas, have given up any hopes for a unified fund-raising campaign structure. Rabbi Avrohom Davis, in FUND SAVING FOR YESHIVOS, proposes a different approach to the problem.

Forced autopsies in Israel continue to agitate Jews throughout the world. Judah Dick adds a new dimension to the problem in his well-documented study IS FORCED AUTOPSY LEGAL?

The latest developments in the autopsy crisis are reported by Menachem Greenberg, together with other news in ISRAEL DIGEST

THE GOLDEN HERITAGE, an anthology of traditional Jewish thought is reviewed on page 21

In SECOND LOOKS AT THE JEWISH SCENE, we comment and report on the newest efforts to involve Jews in ‘dialogue’ and the response of Orthodoxy; “SHOULD … OUR HEARTS NOT BLEED … “, an eloquent statement by the new Chief Rabbi of England; THE SACRED AND THE SECULAR, a new approach to secular Judaism.

In LETTERS TO THE EDITOR, readers comment on our publication, and the delicate issue of our fellow-Jews in the Soviet Union.

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