Agudas Yisroel’s pre-pesach Yarchei Kallah was a tremendous success. The program blended beautifully as the Maggidei shiur delivered fiery shiurim to passionate participants eager to learn.  

With the learning and growth of the past weeks invigorating us, we are delighted to announce an additional extension to our program for this Chol Hamoed. This coming Sunday through Tuesday, world renowned Maggidei Shiur will be learning with us on Hilchos and Inyanei Sefiras Haomer. Rabbi Asher Weiss and Rabbi Lipa Geldwerth will begin the program, on Sunday at 11:30 AM EDT. Following later in the week will be Rabbi Meir Tzvi Spitzer on Monday  at 11:30 AM EDT, and Harav Shraga Kallus, Tuesday 10:30 AM EDT. 

These special Chol HoMoed Yarchei Kallah are l’zeicher nishmas R’ Yaakov ben R’ Nochum Mordechai, ZTVK”L, the Novominsker Rebbe, Rosh Agudas Yisroel. 

Over the past weeks we have strengthened ourselves in seeing the light of Torah shine on in these dark days. If you haven’t participated thus far, now is the time. This Chol Hamoed, use the enforced isolation for a greater purpose. Use the time to give yourself and Klal Yisroel some much needed chizuk in Torah and Avodas Hashem. 

To connectvia zoom: https: // via phone: 1646-558-8656 login #: 876513892   


Rabbi Shlomo Gottesman 4.12.20- Hachana shiur


Rabbi Asher Weiss 4.12.20- Sefiras Haomer


Rabbi Lipa Geldwerth 4.12.20- Divrei Chizuk For Our Times


Rabbi Shlomo Gottesman 4.13.20- Hachanah shiur


Rabbi Shraga Kallus 4.13.20 Hilchos of the Days of Sefirah for our Unique Times