Agudath Israel welcomes the Florida teachers union decision not to appeal —

Last week, we told you of the decision by a circuit court which dismissed a teachers union lawsuit. Chief Circuit Judge Charles Francis said in his decision that the plaintiffs failed to show legal standing as they didn’t prove how the scholarship programs would harm them.

The case was one of two lawsuits filed earlier this year by the Florida teachers unions and other groups. Their main claim in this case was that the creation of Florida’s new Personal Learning Scholarship Account (PLSA) and the expansion of the existing scholarship tax credit program violated the state’s “single subject” rule by combining various issues into one bill. This was the second time that the lawsuit has been dismissed for lack of standing.

Agudath Israel was gratified to learn that the Florida teachers union decided this week not to appeal the decision, effectively ending the lawsuit. A second lawsuit targeting the State’s scholarship tax credit program is still pending.