As the Conferees from the House and Senate continue their work on H.R.1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, we have been hearing some encouraging reports indicating that the Qualified Tuition Reduction benefit — so important to our teachers and staff — will be retained. We still have heard nothing definitive, however, about the expansion of 529 plans to include K-12 expenses.

As the bill will likely remain a moving target until the final vote, we continue to urge you to contact Congress about the two issues— QTR and 529s — we have been highlighting (to learn more about why these issues are important to our community see our original action alert). Any reports of a “deal” are currently unverified or refer to “agreements in principle.”

Please take 60 seconds and click on the links below to connect to our advocacy portal. Once you enter your contact information it will automatically pre-populate an email to your member of Congress which you can then personalize. If you click on the “make a call” take action button, the correct phone numbers and a list of talking points will pop up on your screen once you enter your contact information.

Also, as we have indicated, Agudath Israel has been advocating on a range of issues pertaining to the tax bill that will have a significant impact on the Orthodox Jewish community. We are also including (see below) what is just our most recent letter in our continuing communications over recent months to Capitol Hill on QTR, 529s and a broader list of concerns relating to this important legislation. As we write above, nothing is etched in stone yet and issues are still being discussed.

Download (PDF, 870KB)