Dear All,
As part of the follow up to tonight’s webinar, I’m sharing a link to the recording, some useful links and more:
  1. EDN Updates can be found here They are also hosting a webinar tomorrow midday
  2. The Jewish Federation has a wonderful website with resources that keep getting updated. It can be found here
  3. Agudah offices across the country have set up hotlines and email addresses for questions, you can find all the information here
Cross River is a registered SBA bank and you can register to receive updates and learn how to connect with their online portal by visiting their website here
Here is an updated link for Cross River SBA applications:
If you are looking for some more direction and personal attention it is best to connect with a bank that you have a personal relationship with or a broker. One broker that I’ve been told about so far (I’m sure that there are many) is Eastern Union. They are a preferred broker from a SBA lender for the stimulus PPP program. Eastern Union — free of charge — can help you obtain a SBA-PPP loan to cover your monthly operating expenses. Ira Zlotowitz has set aside a few of his staff to specifically deal with applications that come from Agudah. The website is SBA-PPP.COM, reference that it came from Agudah.
Bracha vhatzlacha,
The Latest on the SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP):
What does this mean for your yeshiva or business and how can you maximize your relief?
An online webinar brought to you by Agudath Israel of America
For Yeshivos, Bais Yaakovs, Small Businesses and Non-Profits
Presented by Jack Adler, Lender Finance Managing Director, Cross River Bank
As a trusted community bank and SBA preferred lending partner, Cross River has been on the forefront of gathering information through many channels, coming out daily from either Washington or local State offices. Hear from Jack Adler, Lender Finance Managing Director, on the latest details of the CARES Act and the SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and how you can maximize your relief under the Act’s provisions.