Watch or listen (below) now to hear a personal story of struggle and survival with important lessons for each and every one of us.
Excerpted from one of the Thursday Night’s Concurrent session’s at this year’s Agudah Convention titled “Chayim Aruchim: Charting Rought Waters! Torah True Guidance in End-of-Life Siuations”.

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Agudath Israel of America created Chayim Aruchim in 2010 because many of those in end of life situations often found themselves denied care by a growing trend in the medical community that limited or withheld treatment for patients who were considered a poor financial risk, often with catastrophic results.  Since its inception Chayim Aruchim has focused on building strong relationships with physicians and medical facilities in an effort to promote greater cultural sensitivity, an effort that has yielded many positive results.  Additionally, the members of Chayim Aruchim’s Rabbinical Committee are on call around the clock, with medically trained rabbonim available to render decisions in complex medical situations that take into account all applicable halachic and medical factors.