Anyone who has worked as a Bnos leader can tell you that it’s not an easy job. And in the last few months Agudah’s Bnos leaders rose to the additional challenges that COVID-19 brought by doubling their efforts and providing the homebound girls in their community with meaningful, virtual engagement. Which is why Mrs. Chana Baila Hass, National Director of Bnos Agudath Israel, put together a special event for her Bnos Leaders. “We wanted to use this event to end this Bnos season on a high,” she said. “This was an opportunity to highlight the struggles and successes of a virtual Bnos program, and we are extremely proud of what our leaders have accomplished under the current circumstances.”

The virtual event connected and united one thousand Bnos leaders from all over the country. The event’s focus was simple: applauding their efforts and accomplishments during the COVID-19 era.

At the event, after recitation of pirkei tehillim, Mrs. Dubby Garfinkel detailed her journey to becoming a frum individual, and the importance of leadership, especially in difficult times. Then, Bnos leaders from all over the country presented to their peers unique methods they came up with for virtually engaging their charges. Although the audience may have been miles apart, the connection between these girls was much closer. The idea of belonging to a community of girls all struggling to be the best leaders they could possibly be, provided great comfort to the responsible teenagers.

Bnos Agudath Israel is proud to end this unique season of Bnos with the chizuk of their peers leading the way to a successful, and with Hashem’s help COVID-free, upcoming season.

The flyer that announced the Bnos National Vitual Leaders’ Event