First to a Jewish day school —

This past Monday, Bais Yaakov of Baltimore’s elementary school campus welcomed Maryland’s highest education official. Dr. Lillian Lowery, Maryland’s Superintendent of Schools, came for a school tour and to observe the student body during their morning studies. Since her appointment as state superintendent in July 2012, Dr. Lowery has traveled across the state visiting schools and engaging students in her effort to maintain the high standards of Maryland’s public schools. Dr. Lowery has also enjoyed a warm relationship with the state’s nonpublic school community.

Rabbi Zalman Nissel (Chief Operating Officer, Bais Yaaov), and others

Rabbi Zalman Nissel (Chief Operating Officer, Bais Yaaov), Rabbi Yitzchok Sanders (Assistant Principal, BY Elementary), Dr. Lillian Lowery (MSDE Superintendent), Mrs. Debbie Lichter (MSDE Director of Federal Legislation), Rabbi Ariel Sadwin, and Rabbi Mendel Freedman (Principal, BY Elementary).

Monday’s visit to Bais Yaakov was arranged by Agudath Israel’s Rabbi Ariel Sadwin, who also serves as the president of Maryland CAPE, the state’s nonpublic school coalition. At the annual Maryland CAPE breakfast, Dr. Lowery has had the opportunity to interact with a large cross-section of the nonpublic school community. The visit to Bais Yaakov was her first to a Jewish day school and one that she thoroughly enjoyed.