Yesterday I joined several Agudah colleagues at the U.S. Department of Education’s National Private School Leadership Conference hosted by the Office of Non Public Education. Agudath Israel was honored with the “Association Spotlight” slot in the packed schedule, which was an opportunity to share the story of our organization and the schools it represents. Rabbi Zwiebel used the time to showcase a new three-minute video titled “Ashes to Renewal: Agudath Israel and the Growth of Jewish Education in America” which I encourage all of you to watch and provide feedback. He then delivered brief remarks highlighting the work of Agudah and the challenges facing Jewish schools today. The video and the remarks were very well received. To read more about the event and to watch the video click here

In Ohio, Rabbi Yitz Frank was invited to testify before the Ohio Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (to read his testimony click here)

We wish you and your family a Good Yom Tov in advance of the Sukkos holiday. Thank you to Rabbi Abba Cohen for working closely with TSA and CBP to once again ensure the distribution of timely guidance about travel with the arba minim. See below for a printable copy of the guidance.