Dear Friend,

This past year was certainly one of the most impactful ones in recent history.

I cannot remember a year that contained such tremendous highs and lows.

We displayed an unbelievable fortitude and commitment to Torah and our children’s Chinuch through incredibly difficult circumstances.

Sadly, we also dealt with devastating losses to Klal Yisroel, including some of the most prominent Rabbonim of our day.

From organizing Asifas, advocacy when the CARES ACT was being drafted, to fighting for our religious freedoms, the Agudah was leading the way from the very beginning.

Never has the need for a vibrant Agudah been more clear. Baruch Hashem, our most recent effort to protect our religious liberties was successful in the Supreme Court. However, it is important to realize that had it been unsuccessful, the time, effort and money poured into the case would have been identical.

This is true for all of our advocacy; We need to spend time and resources working for you, regardless of eventual outcome. It is only with the support of our vital partners like you – people who understand the need for an organization like the Agudah – can we continue our work.

I ask you, as the year comes to a close, to please consider the Agudah in your charitable givings. There is still much more work to be done, and with your help we can accomplish great things.

Wishing you tremendous Brachah and Hatzlachah in all your endeavors!