Video: Watch Maasei Oreg, a Video Presentation on the Shabbos Melachos of Sewing and Weaving


Watch the video below or call 718-298-2077 and press 9 followed by 115949#.


The Daf Yomi Commission of Agudas Yisroel is delighted to present a timely and fascinating video titled “Masei Oreg” highlighting the melachos of Shabbos dealing with weaving and sewing. This video will capture the interest of the entire family and will introduce a brand new appreciation for these melachos.


The video will become available for viewing beginning 6:00 pm EDT, on Wednesday, June 24th, 2020, at In addition, the Daf Yomi Commission is pleased to say that the video’s presenter, Rabbi Meir Simcha Cohen from Gateshead, UK, is available for private Zoom Q&A sessions for daf yomi shiurim, shuls or other groups. Please be in touch with to schedule.