EVERYONE is so, so, so busy.

School from home. Work from home. Yom tov is coming. EVERYONE is living on top of each other, wishing for some private space, with no extra time.


What about the elderly or at-risk? The people who are living alone? The seniors who haven’t left their homes for two months? They’re not at work, they’re not at school, and they might have a lot of extra time on their hands.

It could be your Bubby, your Zaydy, a neighbor, an aunt, or a friend – there are people all around us who might be bored or lonely. There are people who would LOVE to get a friendly phone call and talk to a real, live person.

And that’s the motivation behind Bnos Agudath Israel’s newest program: Bnos Chesed Week! Starting this Thursday, May 21, girls in 2nd to 6th grade are invited to cheer up a friend or family member with a daily 5-minute phone call. Girls can log their time on a special form and then email it to Bnos to enter an exciting raffle!

This coming week is leading up to Shavuos, to Kabbalas HaTorah. Torah and chessed go hand in hand, so what better way to prepare for Shavuos than with a week of chessed? It’s free, only takes five minutes a day, and you’re making a huge difference in the life of someone you love. (Plus, you could win a raffle prize!)

What should you talk about? Really anything, but here are some ideas to get you started:

*How home school is going. Do you like it or not?

*Anything special that you’re doing for Shavuos.

*A project or activity that your family did together.

*Or ask about the other person’s life – How do they spend their day? What was school like when they were young?


You may not be able to stop talking at five minutes! And, by the way, even if your Bubby isn’t old or sick or lonely, she would STILL love for you to call!

Let’s finish off sefirah and get the Torah with seven amazing days of chessed. Email Bnos@agudah.org or call 212-797-9000 ext. 330 to get your form and get started calling.