The Masmidei HaSiyum program is back! Now more than ever, we need the extra zechusim from the limud haTorah of our tinokos shel beis raban. During this uncertain time, when so many yeshivos are closing, we are restarting the Masmidei HaSiyum program.
This program will begin today, Monday, March 16th. Every few hours, new winners will be announced in order to keep the momentum strong, and there will be exciting weekly raffles as well. There will be the added ability on our hotline for Rebbeim to post an audio recording that will be linked to the PIN numbers of his class. The boys will then be able to listen to a short shiur on Chumash/Mishnayos/Gemara, and enter the learning they’ve just listened to in order to earn tickets.
To register your yeshiva for this exciting program, email us at or call 347-201-0270. Join the thousands of boys who have already signed up for this program! The koach of this learning will surely be a tremendous zechus for Klal Yisroel in these trying times.