Throughout the COVID-19 period, Agudath Israel’s Torah Projects Commission has prioritized uplifting Klal Yisroel with inspiring virtual learning programs. This Elul, the inspiration continues with a virtual Yarchei Kallah dedicated exclusively to inyanei Elul v’Tishrei. 


The Yarchei Kallah will focus on hilchos Rosh HashanaYom Kippur, and Sukkos.

The program will continue throughout Elul beginning this week with renowned Maggidei Shiur, Rabbi Asher Weiss, Rabbi Avi Weisenfeld, Rabbi Dovid Cohen, Rabbi Yosef Elefant, and Rabbi Nisan Kaplan.


This year elevate your Elul, join us for an inspiring season of Yerach Ha’eyosnim.


To connect: via zoom: via phone: 1-646-558-8656 login: 83528677424#